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  • July 23rd, 2015
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canada goose clearance sale The frequency of the minor earthquakes decreased Thursday compared to the preceding days, the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency said in a statement.It located in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which has since closed off nearly 15,700 acres due to "the possibility of a new eruption and unstable geologic activity." But most of the park remains open, according to its statement.Since Monday, hundreds of earthquakes most of them around 2.0 magnitude have been recorded in the area. The series of earthquakes came after a collapse of a crater floor of Puu, which is a volcanic cone in the eastern rift zone of the Klauea Volcano.Since that collapse, about 250 earthquakes were reported in the area into Tuesday evening, according to a Hawaiian Volcano Observatory status report.The tremors have been going on for days now, jarring residents, who been reporting nearly constant ground vibrations in some areas."It has now become unnerving," Carol Shepard, a resident, told CNN affiliate KHON.She said the flurry of earthquakes seemed to happen every minute."It be like the house would shake. It be like somebody that weighs 300 pounds came in my living room, and jumped up and down," she said.Residents in the area have also reported cracks emerging on roads.The US Geological Survey said no steam or heat were seen escaping from the cracks, and they were small about several inches across. canada goose clearance sale

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